COVID-19 and Free School Meals

Every child in school either eligible for universal infant free school meals or income based school meals, will continue to receive a meal as they usually would. 

Children not at school who are eligible for an income based free school meal are still entitled to receive this whilst at home. 

Although schools who can have been asked to provide food parcels, as a school we regcognise this is not always the best solution for our parents.  With this in mind we have decided to run the voucher scheme during this period of closure, starting this week. 

Each eligible child we receive a £30 voucher every fortnight. We will be using the same method as usual. 

If your child is in school for any portion of the week, we will not be issuing a voucher for them as they will receive a meal in school, on the days when your child is not in school you can request to collect a school dinner. 

If you think your child could be eligible for income-based free school meals please click here to find out how you can apply. 

Many thanks.

Mrs. Barber

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