Laptop Loan Agreement

Copy of Padiham Green’s device loan agreement for pupils


By signing this agreement, parents/carers agree to adhere to all of the following points:

  1. The laptop remains the property of Padiham Green CE Primary School and the parent/carer will need to return it to school upon request.
  2. The laptop should only be used by Padiham Green pupils. It should not be loaned to or used by other siblings that do not attend Padiham Green or a parent/carer.
  3. All pupils issued with a laptop will be expected to complete the daily remote learning tasks and stay in contact with their teacher.
  4. Pupils will only use the laptop for remote learning and not for personal reasons, such as playing games or streaming media e.g. Netflix or YouTube.
  5. Parents/Carers remain responsible for the laptop whilst in their permission and will be charged for any loss or damage from the day the device is collected until the day it is returned to school.
  6. Parents/carers understand that if pupils consistently do not complete the remote learning and do not contact their teacher, school will request the immediate return of the laptop so it can be redistributed to another family.
  7. Pupils should treat the laptop as they would in school.
  8. This laptop should not be loaned to any other person without the prior agreement from school.


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