Our Expectations

Many people report a settled situation in our children’s behaviour and attitude. This is very pleasing for all of us. The children know that certain expectations need to be met and consequences follow if they aren’t! Our disciplinary ethos centres on setting high standards of behaviour; being vigilant and consistent; and doing it with love and care (or a smile!). We have a huge and continuing focus on ‘manners’ and that is something else other people are noticing too!

SANCTIONS: However, the children understand that one of our three ‘Behaviour Letters’ (or in certain circumstances 2 Yellow Cards and a Red Card) will follow continuous problems of individual misdemeanours or for specific incidents e.g. fights! Acts of physical aggression are simply not allowed!

Behaviour Letter 1 (From Class teacher) will follow discussion with parents about behaviour issues;

Behaviour Letter 2 (From Deputy Headteacher, Mrs. Ennis) again following discussion with parents about continuing behaviour issues; and

Behaviour Letter 3 (From Headteacher, Mr. Dixon) following further discussion with parents about continuing behaviour issues. The third Behaviour Letter will unfortunately precede exclusion discussion and action.

We do not want to send any behaviour letters home but they are an important communication vehicle to inform parents about their children’s behaviour in school. You then have the chance to support your child in helping them to secure improved behaviours, decisions and actions - so learning is not affected.

Before these significant stages, however, we now have 'THINK sheets' in the juniors that make children think about the mistakes they've made. It's based on a restorative justice model.

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