Start and Finish Times During COVID-19

We have made the decision not to stagger start and finish times as we appreciate this is difficult for parents to manage, with the exception of Reception Class as listed below.  Instead, we ask for your help by requesting where possible, that children from different classes enter the school grounds using different entrances. We will expect everyone to maintain an appropriate Social Distance and not mix with other households on the school grounds please. 

Please remain behind the white line outside our Reception Class, Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3. Please do not approach members of staff unless it concerns a matter of safeguarding. Instead please direct your queries through our school office, or by emailing your child's class teacher. 

Reception Class 9am - 3.10pm: Enter school through the main school gate and enter through the side gate to your right please, ensuring that you remain 2 metres from other households. 

Classes 1, 2, 3: Enter school through the Green Lane gate and wait in class areas marked on the playground, outside the classrooms. Older junior siblings should be sent around the side of school to the junior yard via the pirate ship. 

Classes 4, 5: Enter school through the main school gate and wait on the junior yard in class areas marked on the playground.

Class 6:  Enter school through the main entrance.

The Greenway entrance will be open for all year groups for them to assemble in the correct area prior to start of school.

We would ask that children don’t arrive at school before 8.45am in order to limit the time that the children are in the outside areas.

Gates will not open any earlier than 8.45am (with exception for those using our breakfast club). Children will be met by their class teacher in the yard and hand sanitiser will be used by all children before entering school.  

Gates will open again at 3.20pm. We ask that whilst waiting to collect your child that you line-up in the relevant box for your child's class please, entering through the relevant gate listed above. Please do not gather around the junior door, but instead line-up down in the junior yard for years 4 and 5.   

We ask that everyone observes social distancing and does not gather with anybody outside of their household whilst on the school grounds please. 

Where possible only one adult should drop-off and collect your child please, this helps us to limit the number of people on the school grounds at any one time. Whilst we appreciate that it might be necessary for family and friends to help with childcare, we do ask that you avoid non-sibling children from mixed year groups coming in to close contact with each other please. 

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