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Remote Learning

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Your teacher will be uploading work to the school website under your class page every day starting Thursday 7th January - please click here.

Documents will be submitted in either PDF version and/or word.

Children can either choose to use the PDF document to carry out the work in their exercise book provided, or download the word version and edit this (where appropriate) and submit this document instead. 

In order for us to feedback to children whilst they are at home and see how they are doing we would really like it if children could send us a copy of any of their completed work please. You can do this either by sending us the completed work tasks from word, or an image of the work they have completed in their exercise books.

Please feel free to either email this to your class teacher or included in your exercise book is a pupil/student login for our website. This can be accessed either through the ‘Pupil Login’ button at the top of the website on a computer/laptop, or via our website on a smartphone using the ‘Student Login’ at the bottom.

We will not be submitting homework through this area, but children can submit documents and comments with images of their work through the homework tab. They can also use this if they wish to create scrapbooks on a particular area of study.

However, as we said above, emailing work to us is perfectly fine and we want to make it as easy as we can for you to contact us.

We understand that learning from home can be challenging and we encourage you to contact your teacher for any support.

Thank you all for your continued support.

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