Medicines are not normally administered to children in school, unless the child suffers from a long-term medical condition i.e. asthma or is in need of prescribed medication i.e. antibiotics, at regular intervals.  School is unable to administer drops for eyes, ears or nose – even if prescribed by a doctor. If your child requires medicine in school it will be necessary for you to bring the medicine into school personally along with the correct medicine spoon.  You will be asked to complete an authorisation form. If it is not possible for you to call into school personally then a signed letter stating the dosage of medicine and time to be administered must be given to an adult representative bringing your child to school.

All asthma inhalers must be clearly named.  All inhalers will be kept in the child's classroom.    We request that children do not keep inhalers in their coat pockets or on their person.  Inhalers are always accessible to the children.

In the interest of safety children requiring inhalers will not be allowed to participate in sporting activities if his/her inhaler is not readily available.

Please endeavour to keep us informed of any medical condition, however minor, that your child may suffer from in order that records may be updated.

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