School Uniform

We encourage all pupils to wear the following uniform and they look great! Please clearly label all school clothing with your child’s full name – it really helps! Zip tags are really useful to help identify coats too!

Green sweatshirt / White polo shirt (with school logo)

Grey skirt. Grey trousers/shorts.

PE Kit
White T-shirt, shorts and pumps. Please ensure that all items are clearly marked with the child’s name.

Swimming Kit
All children will attend swimming lessons from Year 3, as part of the P.E. curriculum, unless there is a doctor’s note.

Girls-one piece swimming costume + swimming cap.

Boys-swimming shorts/trunks.

All children require a towel and a suitable bag.

Brush or comb is optional but no jewellery is allowed.

Children should wear safe and comfortable shoes. High-heeled shoes, flimsy sandals and trainers are not suitable for school.

Jewellery and extreme hairstyles aren’t allowed!
Jewellery can be dangerous if worn during P.E. or games lessons and your child will be asked to remove any item of jewellery he/she might be wearing.  Loss of jewellery also causes distress to a child.  False nails are considered a fashion/jewellery item and are not allowed. Extreme hairstyles, whilst possibly ‘cool’ in the summer holidays, are not appropriate for school. They can cause problems for the wearer and for other children in school – and the time it takes for staff to deal with issues that may arise! We simply ask for your support in this area.

It is preferred that your child does not wear earrings whilst in school.  However, if this is the case these just be limited to small studs.  Hooped earrings are considered a danger and children with hooped or sharp earrings will be requested to remove them.  Staff at the school have been directed by the Authority not to remove earrings and therefore your child will not be allowed to participate in P.E./games/swimming lessons if he/she is unable to remove his/her own earrings.  Alternatively, you may provide your child with plasters to cover earrings.

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