Sports Premium

Sports Premium Funding

In 2021/22 our school received £17,690.00 of Sports Premium Funding .

We have given carefull consideration about how we will use this funding to make the most impact on our children. We have taken the pandemic into consideration and have planned our spending around meeting the needs of our children physically and mentally. We are having a huge focus on the mental wellbeing of the children and a recovery event programme considerig changing circumstances of COVID19. 

The funding will be used in the following ways:

  • A variety of sports clubs offered to both junior and infant classes as well as increasing fitness through extra-curricular and lunch time activities.

  • A higher number of children are now participating in afterschool sports clubs and external competitions (as COVID19 restrictions allow).

  • Children will have access to high quality teaching and cross curricular opportunities, using school staff and external sports coaches and organisations. 
  • The sports notice board has been edited to engage children’s interest and to promote physical education as well as promoting in-school fitness and athletic challenges to offer inter-school competition.

  • To celebrate sporting achievements across school by the use of newsletters, social media and celebration assemblies via zoom and in person. 

  • Increase staff sports CPD and the opportunity for them to work alongside qualified sports coaches and instructors, creating consistent sports coaching across all year groups in school. 
  • We will ensure opportunities for high quality intervention are made across the school.
  • As restrictions allow, we will provide opportunity for catch-up swimming programmes.
  • The profile of PE and sport to be raised further across the school as a tool for whole school improvement and continue to use the notice board as a tool for promotion, celebration and competitiveness. 
  • Our ‘Evidencing the Impact of Sports Premium document can be found below.

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