An introductory Parents’ Evening is held in the autumn term so that the parents and teachers can meet to discuss how the children have settled into the new school year.  This meeting gives parents the opportunity to point out any areas of concern to the class teacher that may need monitoring. If you wish to see your child’s teacher at any other time, please just make an appointment.

Later in the school year, parents will be invited into school to a second Parents’ Evening where progress reports will be given by their child’s class teacher and, during the summer term, parents will receive a full written report – the Annual Report for Parents - on their child’s all round progress and development.

We also have a meeting for parents of Year 6 children where KS2 Statutory Assessment Tests (SATs) and the procedures involved in transfer to high school are the main topics on the agenda.  A meeting is also arranged for parents of Year 2 children to explain what takes place at this very important stage as the children approach the end of their infant years. There is also a Reception Parents’ Evening when our new Reception parents are welcomed to our school community.  

The Headteacher or class teacher may at any time during the school year feel it is necessary to invite parents in to discuss any concern that the school has about a particular child. 

Parents are encouraged to contact school at any time during the year if they have any concerns or worries about their child or if they feel that it is necessary to pass on any important information which may affect their child’s progress or well-being.

In the interests of Health and Safety and the security of the children it is vital that all parents and visitors report to the main office before approaching staff or children. Many thanks.

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